"Spring on the Wing"

​Framed size - 25 x 30.5

​For sale at Southern Highland Craft Guild Gallery in Biltmore Village, Asheville, NC - Phone - 828-277-6222

One of my favorite sights of spring is the way fresh new bright green leaves creep their way up the mountains as the air and earth warm up, turning even brighter when highlighted by the sun. A red-tailed hawk glides effortlessly upon the wind currents on this bright spring day.  This is a good place to sit and watch his flight as the clouds scud over the blue sky.

(Merino, Corriedale, MC-1 Merino Crossbatt, and C-1/Pelsull wools were used to create this piece)

"Little Bradley Falls - Autumn Glow"

Framed size - 35.5 x 25.5

For sale at Twigs & Leaves Gallery - Waynesville, NC.  Phone 828-456-1940

​This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls to me, and is located near Saluda, NC. I felted it several years ago in summer foliage, and wanted to do it again in the autumn. The shimmer of the falls spilling over the rocks and the glow of autumn trees make me feel that all is right with the world.

​(Merino, Corriedale, MC-1 Merino Crossbatt, C-1/Pelsull wools were used to create this piece, with tussah silk used for the waterfall)

​       Bonnieblink studio                                                      


"Welcome to My Garden"

Framed size - 29 x 23

For sale at Twigs & Leaves Gallery - Waynesville, NC.  Phone 828-456-1940

When I dyed the wool nepps in these soft colors, the first thing I thought of was creating a felting using them as sweet peas blooming riotously against a white picket fence.  I added the roses in the background, and decided a willow tree would complete the peaceful garden scene. I'm pretty sure there's also a hammock hanging beyond the willow in the shade. If it were truly my garden there would be!

(Merino, Corriedale, MC-1 Merino Crossbatt, C-1/Pelsull wools and hand-dyed wool nepps were used to create this piece)

This page is for my work that is currently for sale. Each felted landscape is professionally framed under non-glare glass to protect the needle felted details, with  the title and a brief description of my felting process attached to the backing. Pricing is based primarily on the amount of detail work in each piece, as well as size.  Please contact the galleries for prices and more information. Also, I am always happy to do a custom commissioned piece if you'd like.  Thank you for stopping by!

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