"Springtime at Queen's Farm"

Framed size - 25 x 30.5

For sale at Twigs & Leaves Gallery - Waynesville, NC. 

Phone 828-456-1940

Last spring as I was passing Queen's Farm riding stables in Dellwood, heading toward Maggie Valley, I noticed the carpet of golden ragwort blooming profusely in one of the pastures there.  The walnut tree with the elbow limb caught my attention also, so I stopped and took a photo.  I changed the scene just a bit by adding the path through the trees, and instead of the plank fence that was there I put an old barbed wire one.  Golden ragwort is one of our first spring-blooming wild flowers, and one of my favorites, but one can also imagine that they're daffodils if they choose to.  Viewers choice! 

​(Merino, Corriedale, MC-1 Merino Crossbatt, C-1/Pelsull wools and hand-dyed wool nepps were used to create this piece)

This page is for my work that is currently for sale. Each felted landscape is professionally framed under non-glare glass to protect the needle felted details, with  the title and a brief description of my felting process attached to the backing. Pricing is based primarily on the amount of detail work in each piece, as well as size.  Please contact the galleries for prices and more information. Also, I am always happy to do a custom commissioned piece if you'd like.  Thank you for stopping by!

                                                                                                                                                                          "beautiful view "

"Summer Bluebirds" 

Framed size - 22.25 x 18

For sale at Twigs & Leaves Gallery - Waynesville, NC. Phone 828-456-1940

Nothing says summer like Bluebirds nesting.  This pair have chosen a birdhouse beside an old fence with Queen Ann's Lace blooming alongside it and in the fields. Soon their offspring will also take to the skies and fly beneath the Blue Ridge mountains! 

(Merino, Corriedale, MC-1 Merino Crossbatt, C-1/Pelsull wools, wool nepps and Himalayan silk yarns were used to create this piece)

"Spring on the Wing"

​Framed size - 25 x 30.5

​For sale at Southern Highland Craft Guild Gallery in Biltmore Village, Asheville, NC - Phone - 828-277-6222

One of my favorite sights of spring is the way fresh new bright green leaves creep their way up the mountains as the air and earth warm up, turning even brighter when highlighted by the sun. A red-tailed hawk glides effortlessly upon the wind currents on this bright spring day.  This is a good place to sit and watch his flight as the clouds scud over the blue sky.

(Merino, Corriedale, MC-1 Merino Crossbatt, and C-1/Pelsull wools were used to create this piece)

​       Bonnieblink studio                                                      


I apologize for the photo quality and glare, but wanted to show the framing for this piece, and that it is stitched to a piece of mat board with the edges of the felt showing.