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Framed size - 20 x 23

For sale at Twigs & Leaves Gallery - Waynesville, NC.  Phone 828-456-1940

I just love winter trees with their bare branches, and most especially sycamores with their white bark, and often twisted limbs and trunks.  I love the way their starkness shows up against the other trees, especially on a hillside like this.  Their limbs give motion, even though the wind may or may not be blowing.  There are many around here, and I always speak to them when passing....and yes, they speak back. 

​(Merino, Corriedale, MC-1 Merino Crossbatt and C-1/Pelsull wools were used to create this piece)

This page is for my work that is currently for sale. Each felted landscape is professionally framed under glass to protect the needle felted details, with  the title and a brief description of my felting process attached to the backing. Pricing is based primarily on the amount of detail work in each piece, as well as size.  Please contact the galleries for prices and more information. Also, I am always happy to do a custom commissioned piece if you'd like.  Thank you~

*** Hi Folks! It seems that I'm down to one piece for sale right now, as my pieces have been selling - I send heartfelt thanks to those who have purchased my work! I have recently had surgery on my thumb, and haven't been able to felt for a few weeks. I am still healing, but hopefully I will be able to create more felt paintings soon! ***

                                                                                                                                                                          "beautiful view "