"Just Munchin' " - SOLD

"Maiden of the Pearl" ​- SOLD

"Greeting the Day" ​- SOLD

"Little Bradley Falls - Autumn Glow ​- SOLD

"Sunrise- SOLD

"Hangin' by the Creek" - SOLD

"Smoky Mountain Spring Greens" - SOLD

"A Chance Encounter" - SOLD

"My True North" - Commissioned piece

"Summer Musing - Grotto Falls" ​- SOLD

"In the Highlands" - SOLD

"An Engaging View" - Commissioned piece for a wedding gift

"Rush Fork Rainbow" Commissioned piece for a wedding gift

"An Afternoon Nap" - SOLD

"Calling to the Crescent Moon" - SOLD

"Ever Watchful" - SOLD

"Welcome to My Garden" - SOLD

"Moonlight Magic" ​- Commissioned piece - 23 x 43

"Hunter's Moon" - SOLD

These are previous works which have been sold - to see what is available for sale now, please see my "Current Works for Sale" page~

                                                                                                                                                                          "beautiful view "

"Luna" ​- SOLD

"On the Hunt" ​- SOLD

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