"Red" - SOLD

"Who's Watching Whoo?? - SOLD

"We're Engaged - Looking Glass Rock" - Commissioned piece for a wedding gift

"Grotto Falls"  ​- SOLD

"Morning Playtime - SOLD

"Moon Gazer" ​- SOLD

"Eilidh" - SOLD

"Last Rays of the Day" ​- SOLD

"Sycamores" - SOLD

"Hide & Seek" - SOLD

"Sunset at Linville Gorge" ​- SOLD

"First Snowfall" ​- SOLD

These are previous works which have been sold - to see what is available for sale now, please see my

"Current Works for Sale" page~

"Dappled Sunlight" - SOLD

"Late Summer Vista" ​- SOLD

"My Happy Place" - SOLD

"Current Resident" ​- SOLD

"Autumn Overlook" - SOLD 

"Once in a Blue Moon" ​- SOLD

"Stormy Haven" ​- SOLD

"Windswept" - SOLD