"Autumn Rush" - SOLD

"Roaring Fork Falls" ​- SOLD

"Summer Stroll on the Patch" - SOLD​​

"The Way to Brigadoon" - SOLD

"Garden Glory" ​- SOLD

"Summer Pastures" - SOLD

"Smoky Mountain Sunset" - SOLD

"Autumn's Glory" - Benefit donation

"Garway Hill" - ​Commissioned piece

​"Moondance" - SOLD

"HighMountain Meadow" - SOLD

"A Warm Welcome Awaits" ​- SOLD

"Life on the Edge" SOLD

"Into the Magic Field" - SOLD

These are previous works which have been sold - to see what is available for sale now, please see my

"Current Works for Sale" page~

"Go with the Flow" ​- SOLD

"Blue Ridge Meadows" SOLD

"Storm's A'comin' - SOLD

"Let the Sun Shine" - SOLD

"Baaaaaa!!!" - My sister's birthday present

(This was my first felted piece)​​

"Dawn on the Wing" ​- SOLD

"Evening Sky" ​- SOLD

"Borve Beach ~ Isle of Harris, Scotland - SOLD